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Foreign workers

Foreign Workers Medical Insurance Policy
This policy meets the requirements of the Ministry of Finance
The Insurance Cover
We offer the widest possible coverage without any self participation.
Among the services that the policy includes are:

¨       General medical examination
¨       Examination by specialist
¨       Specialist medical examination
¨       Hospitalization
¨       Emergency room
¨       Laboratory tests
¨       X-ray, ultrasound and imaging
¨       Medicines
¨       Expenses for transfer of the deceased to his country of origin up to a maximum of $5,000
¨       The airline ticket to the country of the origin of the insured due to an illness or accident, confirmed by medical documentation which prevented and/or will prevent the insured leaving Israel on the original date. The amount is limited to $2,500.

In addition, the policy includes the following cover:
Emergency dental treatment (up to $500).
Method of obtaining the service
The medical service is given by the “National Phone” Service Center which operates 24 hours a day
The Center is manned by a number of service representatives, who assist those who call in order to receive the required service.
In the event of contacting the Center the insured will have an appointment arranged for a medical examination in one of the national health funds branches according to the place of residence of the tourist. In addition, an option will be given to request a home visit from 19:00 in the evening until 06:00 in the morning without any self participation.
Every insured will receive a magnetic card in his name through which he can contact the center to receive medical service.
Method of payment
Payment of insurance fees (premium)
The insurance premium can be paid in one of the following ways:
Checks, standing orders to the bank and a credit card as follows::
·    Insurance period of up to 90 days – 1 payment due immediately
·    Over 90 days and until 6 months – 2 payments.
·    Over 6 months to 9 months – 3 payments.
·    Over 9 months – 4 payments
          In any case the payments will be equal and consecutive from the date of start of the insurance.
To join this special service and for more information please
Contact us at
+972.99.9518518  or info@mango.ms

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