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Legal Notice


Legal Notice
Welcome to the MedMore site, hereinafter “the site” or Medmore-Mango.
This site is designed to support Mango’s services.
Usage of the site will be deemed as your consent to the following terms and conditions:
This site is intended for your own private and personal use. Beyond that, you are not authorized to store, copy or distribute the contents of this site in any way or manner, without the written consent of the Mango Insurance agency.
For the avoidance of doubt, and in any case, the rules specified and written in the policies of the insurance companies and/or any other company (e.g. the rates, terms, prices, etc.) have precedence and superiority over any information appearing in this site.
The user explicitly accepts, agrees and undertakes that the decision to use the site and the responsibility for the outcome of its usage, including any possible risk, rests solely on the user.
It is clarified that the site owner and its designers will bear no liabilities regarding damages and/or losses that may be derived from, or related in any way to, reliance on data presented in this site, and/or damage of any kind.
Intellectual Property
The content of this site is protected under copyright laws. 
The entirety of the copyrights and intellectual property in the siteincluding design, software, computer code, graphic files, texts and any other material includedis the property of MedMore-Mango.
It is prohibited to copy, distribute, present in public or deliver to a third party any part of the aforementioned, without the written consent of MedMore-Mango.
The trademarks in the site are the property of MedMore-Mango onlyor, in case they were advertised on the behalf of advertisers—the property of these advertisers only. These also cannot be used without the prior written consent of the site. The pictures appearing in the site are for illustration purposes only, and not for any other purpose. All rights are reserved to the site editor and the site’s owner, MedMore-Mango.
Information and content on the Internet
The site’s search engine and link page enable the user to find information and content posted on the Internet. This information and content are not posted on behalf of MedMore-Mango, or anyone of its behalf. This information and content are not under the control or supervision of MedMore-Mango. You may find that this information and content are not appropriate for your needs, or that you object to their content, or think that they are offensive, inappropriate, illegal or immoral.
MedMore-Mangoencourages you to exercise caution and discretion when dealing with information on the Internet, including information posted by users in the site itself. In regard to professional information, treat this information with care and caution, and remember that this information is not intended to be used as an alternative to professional consultation.
MedMore-Mangohas no obligation in regard to working order of the links in the site, and that they will link you to an active Internet site. MedMore-Mango has the right to remove links that were previously included, or refrain from adding new links—all in its sole discretion. The fact that a certain link to a certain site is found
In the site, does not serve as a confirmation that the information in the linked site is full, trustworthy, up-to date or reliable.  
MedMore-Mangowill not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, financial or other, that may be caused to you as a result of the usage and/or reliance on information posted in Internet sites, which you will access using any of the services in the site, the search engines and link page, in particular.
MedMore-Mangowill also not bear liability for information and content published in the site itself by third parties, or to any outcome as a result of relying on them or using them. The information appearing in this Internet site is in effect on the date of its publication as general information only. MedMore-Mango reserves the right to update or modify the information in the site at any given time.
MedMore-Mangois not responsible for the content of other Internet sites, which are linked to this site, or for the content of other sites promoting MedMore-Mango, or for the content of insurance companies sites and/or for any other site and/or any type of consultation provided by professionals of any kind, linked to this site.
For the avoidance of doubt, the information contained within this site is provided as general information only, and not for the purpose of executing any actions and/or transactions of any kind. Therefore, one should not rely on any data presented in the site for executing any action or transaction of any kind whatsoever.

MedMore-Mangohas the right to make use of the details that you provide in the site—and the data collected relating to the site usage patterns­—for the purpose of improving the services it offers and/or for contacting you.
MedMore-Mangohas the right to e-mail you promotional information from time to time—whether it is information that the Company itself promotes, or information that you will receive from other advertisers. However, if you register to receive any of the services offered in the site, MedMore-Mangowill not forward your personal details to advertisers of shopping, commercial information and advertisements. MedMore-Mango will bear no liability for the contents of the advertisements and commercial information promoted in the site. Publication of the advertisements should not be deemed as a recommendation or an encouragement to purchase the services or products offered for sale. Any transaction that takes place as a result of an advertisement or information appearing in the site, will be finalized directly between you and the relevant advertiser. MedMore-Mangois not a party to any such transaction, and it will not bear liability for services and goods that are offered in advertisements appearing in the site, or that will be purchased through the advertisements.
Liability of MedMore-Mango
The site is provided to the user "As Is" and cannot be customized to the needs of each and every person.
You will have no claim, plea or demand from MedMore-Mango on the basis of the services’ features, abilities, limitations and customization, or the responses triggered (if any) by the publication of details, information of files on your behalf in the site. The full responsibility for the usage of the servicesrests solely on you. The information that you provide for publication in the site will be open to all Internet users. Use discretion and caution—similar to how you would normally act creating a contact, which is not through the Internet—when dealing with responses and applications received as a result of the site’s usage, or the publication of any of your personal details.
MedMore-Mangohas no obligation that there will be any response to messages that you post in the site. 
MedMore-Mangocannot know which responses (if any) you will receive as a result of the publication, and who will respond to the information that you post, and therefore will bear no liability towards you (or anyone on your behalf) for these responses, the identity of the responders, or for any outcome as a result of the posting.
MedMore-Mangowill not be liable for any usage of your posted details, made by a third party. The full responsibility for any decision that you make in relation to the information posted in the site, rests solely on you.
MedMore-Mangohas no obligation that details provided in the site by the site users will be full, true or accurate, or that they will correspond to your expectations and demands.
Remember, MedMore-Mango does not know the site’s users, and cannot monitor theauthenticity of the information that they provide for posting. 
MedMore-Mangowill bear no liability for any outcome as a result of information published in this site by third parties.
MedMore-Mangohas no obligation that the site’s services will be uninterrupted, undisrupted or provided regularly, be available and error-free, and will be access-proof to any unauthorized access to MedMore-Mango’s servers, or for any damages, malfunctions, break downs or failures—and all in the hardware, software, communication lines and systems, at MedMore-Mango or any of its suppliers. 
Law and jurisdiction
The usage of the site is exclusively subject to Israeli laws and jurisdiction.
The exclusive jurisdiction for any matter or dispute resulting from this agreement or the site, will be settled or adjudicated in the authorized courts in the central Tel Aviv district.
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